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     gentleman / samurai
宇宙飛行士  うちゅうひこうし  astronaut
運転士  うんてんし  (n) mate / (ship's) officer
学士  がくし  (n) university graduate
棋士  きし  (n) shogi player
騎士  きし  (n) knight
修士  しゅうし  (n) Masters degree program
紳士  しんし  (n) gentleman
紳士協定  しんしきょうてい  gentlemen's agreement
紳士服  しんしふく  suits for gentlemen
紳士用  しんしよう  for men / male-
人間同士  にんげんどうし  (1) mankind / the human creature / (2) works of man
税理士  ぜいりし  (n) tax counsellor
代議士  だいぎし  (n) parliamentarian / member of a congress
同士  どうし  (n) fellow / companion / comrade
博士  はかせ  (n) doctorate / PhD
博士  はくし  (n) doctorate / PhD
富士山  ふじさん  Mt Fuji
武士  ぶし  (n) warrior / samurai
武士  もののふ  (n) warrior / samurai
兵士  へいし  (n) soldier
弁護士  べんごし  (n) lawyer / attorney
勇士  ゆうし  (n) brave warrior / hero / brave man
力士  りきし  (n) Japanese (sumo) wrestler / strong man

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