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   キョク / ゴク / きわ.める / きわ.まる / きわ.まり / きわ.み / き.める / -ぎ.め / き.まる  poles / settlement / conclusion / end / highest rank / electric poles / very / extremely / most / highly
[极] 局 旭 曲 極 亟 勗 棘 洫 膕 蕀 跼 閾 馘 髷 / 極 決 决      
究極  きゅうきょく  (adj-no,n) ultimate / final / eventual
窮極目的  きゅうきょくもくてき  (n) extreme purpose
極まる  きわまる  (v5r) to terminate / to reach an extreme / to be in a dilemma / to be at an end
極み  きわみ  (n) height / acme / extremity
極めて  きわめて  (adv) exceedingly / extremely
極める  きわめる  (v1) (1) to carry to extremes / to go to the end of something / (2) to investigate thoroughly / to master
極楽  ごくらく  (n) paradise
極寒  ごっかん  (n) intense cold / mid-winter
極限  きょくげん  (n) utmost limits / limit
極上  ごくじょう  (adj-na,n) first-rate / finest quality / the best
極端  きょくたん  (adj-na,n) extreme / extremity
極地圏  きょくちけん  polar regions / the pole
極東  きょくとう  (n) Far East
極秘  ごくひ  (adj-na,n) absolute secrecy
見極める  みきわめる  (v1) to see through / to probe / to make sure of
消極的  しょうきょくてき  (adj-na) passive
積極的  せっきょくてき  (adj-na) positive / active / proactive
南極  なんきょく  (n) south pole / Antarctic
南極圏  なんきょくけん  (n) Antarctic Circle
北極  ほっきょく  (n) North Pole
北極圏  ほっきょくけん  Arctic Circle

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