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   バン / つが.い  turn / number in a series
一番  いちばん  (n-adv) (1) best / first / number one / (2) a game / a round / a bout / a fall / an event (in a meet)
一番  ひとつがい  (n) (uk) a pair / a couple / a brace
局番  きょくばん  (n) telephone exchange number
玄関番  げんかんばん  (n) doorkeeper / janitor
娯楽番組  ごらくばんぐみ  amusement program
交番  こうばん  (n) police box
順番  じゅんばん  (n) turn (in line) / order of things
当番  とうばん  (n) being on duty
二番線  にばんせん  platform no. 2 / track 2
二番目  にばんめ  (n) second (in a series)
番犬  ばんけん  (n) watchdog
番号  ばんごう  (n) number / series of digits
番組  ばんぐみ  (n) program (e.g. TV)
番地  ばんち  (n) house number / address
番目  ばんめ  cardinal number suffix
本番  ほんばん  (n) the actual performance / without rehearsal
留守番  るすばん  (n,vs) care-taking / caretaker / house-watching
輪番  りんばん  (n) sequence / turn / rotation

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