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   ヤク くすり  medicine / chemical / enamel / gunpowder / benefit
医薬品  いやくひん  (n) medical supplies
火薬  かやく  (n) gunpowder / powder
漢方薬  かんぽうやく  (n) herbal medicine
丸薬  がんやく  (n) pill
劇薬  げきやく  (n) powerful medicine / strong poison
製薬  せいやく  (n) pharmacy / chemist (shop) / drug store
弾薬  だんやく  (n) ammunition
毒薬  どくやく  (n) poison
爆薬  ばくやく  (n) explosive / blasting powder
鼻薬  はなぐすり  (n) bribe / hush money
風邪薬  かざぐすり  (n) remedy for a cold
風邪薬  かぜぐすり  (n) remedy for a cold
麻薬  まやく  (n) narcotic drugs / narcotic / opium / dope
眠り薬  ねむりぐすり  (n) sleeping powder / sleeping drug / narcotic / anaesthetic
目薬  めぐすり  (n) eye drops / eyewash
薬屋  くすりや  (n) pharmacy / chemist / drug store
薬学  やくがく  (n) (study of) pharmacy / pharmaceutics
薬缶  やかん  (n) kettle
薬局  やっきょく  (n) pharmacy / chemist / drugstore
薬剤  やくざい  (n) medicine / drug
薬剤師  やくざいし  (n) chemist / pharmacist
薬指  くすりゆび  (n) ring finger
薬品  やくひん  (n) medicine(s) / chemical(s)
薬味  やくみ  (n) spice(s) / condiment(s)

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