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  エイ あき.らか  intelligence / imperial 
    wisdom / intellect / reason 
  ケン かしこ.い  intelligent / wise / wisdom / cleverness 
賢明  けんめい  (adj-na,n) wisdom / intelligence / prudence 
情報  じょうほう  (n) (1) information / news / (2) (military) intelligence / (3) gossip 
知恵  ちえ  (n) wisdom / wit / sagacity / sense / intelligence / advice 
知性  ちせい  (n) intelligence 
知的  ちてき  (adj-na,n) intellectual 
知能  ちのう  (n) intelligence / brains 
珍紛漢紛  ちんぷんかんぷん  (adj-na,exp,n) (uk) unintelligible language / incoherent language / talking nonsense / ´all Greek to me´ / double Dutch / (something) incomprehensible / babble / gibberish / jargon / gobbledygook 
低能  ていのう  (adj-na,n) low intelligence / feeble-mindedness / imbecility 
頭脳  ずのう  (n) head / brains / intellect 
報知  ほうち  (n) information / news / intelligence 
明察  めいさつ  (n) discernment / penetration / insight / intellectual acumen 
利口  りこう  (adj-na,n) clever / shrewd / bright / sharp / wise / intelligent 

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