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    part of speech / words / poetry
    poem / poetry
  ショウ  badge / chapter / composition / poem / design
  ヘン あ.む -あ.み  compilation / knit / plait / braid / twist / editing / completed poem / part of a book
  エイ よ.む うた.う  recitation / poem / song / composing
  フ ブ  levy / ode / prose / poem / tribute / installment
万葉集  まんようしゅう  (n) Manyoushuu (famous 8thC poetry) / Japan's oldest anthology of poems
俳句  はいく  (n) haiku poetry (17-syllable poem usually in 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables)
叙事詩  じょじし  (n) descriptive poetry / epic poem
叙情詩  じょじょうし  (n) lyric poetry / lyric poem
吟詠  ぎんえい  (n) recitation or chanting of a poem
和歌  わか  (n) 31 syllable poem
唐詩  とうし  (n) poetry of the T'ang period / T'ang poetry
朗詠  ろうえい  (n) recitation (of Japanese or Chinese poem)
漢詩  かんし  (n) Chinese poetry
短冊  たんざく  (n) small vertical card for poem
短歌  たんか  (n) tanka / 31-syllable Japanese poem
詠歌  えいか  (n) poem / song / (Buddh.) pilgrim's song
詠草  えいそう  (n) draft poem
詩吟  しぎん  (n) reciting Chinese poems
詩歌  しか  (n) Japanese (and Chinese) poetry
詩集  ししゅう  (n) poetry anthology
韻文  いんぶん  (n) verse / poetry
韻語  いんご  (n) rhyme in a Chinese poem

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