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  デン テン つた.わる つた.える つた.う つだ.う -づた.い つて  transmit / go along / walk along / follow / report / communicate / legend / tradition 
  ホ ブ フ ある.く あゆ.む  walk / counter for steps 
滑る  ぬめる  (v5r) to be slippery / to be slimy / to behave charmingly / to walk merrily 
敬遠  けいえん  (n,vs) keeping at a distance / ´kicking upstairs´ / giving a batter an ´intentional walk´ 
綱渡り  つなわたり  (n) tightrope walking 
散歩  さんぽ  (n,vs) walk / stroll 
徐歩  じょほ  walking slowly 
足取り  あしどり  (n) gait / manner of walking (swimming) 
竹馬  たけうま  (n) (walk on) stilts / bamboo horse 
竹馬  ちくば  (n) (walk on) stilts / bamboo horse 
通る  とおる  (v5r) to pass (by) / to go through / to walk along / to pass exams 
伝う  つたう  (v5u) to go along / to walk along / to follow 
伝わる  つたわる  (v5r) to be handed down / to be introduced / to be transmitted / to be circulated / to go along / to walk along 
徒歩  とほ  (n) walking / going on foot 
罷業  ひぎょう  (n) strike / walkout 
歩く  あるく  (v5k) to walk 
歩む  あゆむ  (v5m) to walk / to go on foot 
歩行者  ほこうしゃ  (n) pedestrian / walker 
歩道  ほどう  (n) footpath / walkway / sidewalk 
夜行  やぎょう  (n) walking around at night / night train / night travel 
夜行  やこう  (n) walking around at night / night train / night travel 

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